'Robot Wars' is returning to BBC Two

'Robot Wars' is returning to BBC Two

Robot Wars veterans expect a brutal new series of RC death Robot Wars is coming back to BBC television and with it could come some of the classic robots. By: Matt Burgess Continue reading.

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Razer was a popular British heavyweight robot that competed in the first two events of.

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Hockey and basketball seasons are coming to a close, and we still need our fix of sports in the warm summer months, because we don’t all want to watch baseball. I mean, I do, but life sucks when th…

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WPI-sponsored Bite Force was winner of the Giant Nut from ABC’s Battlebots Season 1 after a grueling tournament in San Francisco.


Not to be confused with the similarly named US Series robot Texas Tornado. Tornado was a.

Bite Force - Battlebots Wiki - Wikia

Bite Force

Bite Force is a heavyweight robot which competed in the first two seasons of ABC's BattleBots.

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Brutus is a robot that competed in the second season of ABC's BattleBots reboot.

Robot Wars

Robot Wars is returning to to BBC Two for six episodes

The robot Razer has a curved piercing arm and low wedge-shaped chassis.

Very Important News: 'Robot Wars' Is Coming Back to British TV

Robot Wars

Robot Wars

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(SPOILERS) BattleBots 2015 Competitor Chart

This is the list of robots that are competing on the BattleBots ABC reboot.