Haha this is probably true!

Ha ha, I mean this is true, but that's because there are a lot more pages and details to american history than hp. I've read all of hp, it would be very difficult to read all of american history. Plus I'm not a fan of history

This person is a genius.

Harry Potter Quiet Book - awesome, except why are we dressing Hermione? So sexist. She should be doing awesome spells, studying in the library, turning back time etc.

Does someone in the world REALLY feel this way?? Yes. This would be me.

Y do people always say "it's only a book series?" Harry Potter is my life! I've watched it since I was a kid! I grew up with it and will never grow out of it! IT'S NOT JUST A BOOK SERIES!

This is amazing.

Harry Potter Periodic Table

after all this time?

When it's ok to make a harry potter reference:I just love how when it says when its okay o make reference.it is making a reference to snape!

Never could forget...

Good times

Funny pictures about Our Wonderful Time. Oh, and cool pics about Our Wonderful Time. Also, Our Wonderful Time photos.

I can see this happening! XD

Malfoy Problem - When your son keeps asking you for a ferret because Albus Severus Potter has one. And you think "Damn it, Potter. You're doing this to me on purpose.


Proud to be a Ravenclaw! one or two of my friends hate me for constantly correcting them on things. mostly grammar and movie quotes

The last day of filming Harry Potter

The last day of filming Harry Potter. This made me tear up :'( Oh Rupert's face.


Hogwarts Starry Night

Original painting made into glossy print. The magic of Harry Potter combined with Van Goghs famous Starry Night can be yours. Any Harry Potter

20 Awesome Minimalist Harry Potter Tattoos

20 Awesome Minimalist Harry Potter Tattoos

20 Awesome Minimalist Harry Potter Tattoos - Iove the deathly gallows but without the words