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Stan 'The Man' Lee Colour commission for Robert, over his recent Stan Lee piece. A homage to Stan Lee and a bunch of his major creations and contributio. Stan the Man

This is pretty cool but if I'm not mistaken, Frank Castle, i. Punisher, was in the Army Rangers.

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I want a fanfic where the whole team basically gives Nat gifts for no reason XD<<< awwwww!

comicsforever: “Laura Kinney: // artwork by Natali Sanders ”


Okay, so what if I redid Named her JINX and tell you what happened to Well, I'm working on a story that will finish that thought!

Shulk and Sue

A commission piece done for of Emma Frost and Jean Grey as romantic rivals for the one and only cycloptic boy scout. I enjoyed doing this piece (as I got to experiment a bit more with certain effec.

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