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Everyday eye makeup for coastal scents revealed palette

Everyday Neutral Makeup Feat. The Naked2 Palette

Electric eyes!

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Lip Tutorial! . . . awesome trick!!

DELICIOUS LIPS TUTORIAL! | Helen Torsgården – Hiilens sminkblogg


14 Stylish Smoky Eye Makeup Tutorials - Pretty Designs

How To Apply Eye MakeUp Step By Step |

How To Apply Eye MakeUp Step By Step

Smokey eye

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Warm, like hot cocoa

Bobbi Brown Limited Edition ‘Hot Cocoa’ Palette (Nordstrom Exclusive) | Nordstrom

How to Make MAC Lipstick Colors With Crayons - DIY Projects | Craft Projects | DIY Ready | This step-by-step photo tutorial will show you how you can avoid spending a ton of money and time picking out lipsticks in department stores. So practical and budget wise! #DIYready

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Tom Ford Lips & Boys Lip Swatches

Bonus: Tom Ford Lips & Boys Lip Swatches by Color

Imagine what this could do for dark circles!

Full coverage concealer! (Lindas Sminkblogg)

On the morning of my seventh-grade school photos, I sat down at the breakfast table with a face full of blue eye shadow, matching blue eyeliner and mascara, orange blush, and frosty pink lipstick. And you know what? My mother never said a word. She just continued boiling me an egg and pouring me orange juice as if it was completely normal for a 13-year-old girl to go to school...

8 tutorials to teach you how to apply make-up like a pro

27 Charts That Will Help You Make Sense Of Makeup

Prettyy Opaque Matte Lipstick

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the cheat sheet to the most essential makeup brushes // this is so helpful! thanks to the girls over at @Lauren Davison for sharing!

Beauty School: Brush Guide

the best products - according to a makeup artist

the best products- according to a makeup artist | hairnbeautyz

How To Contour And Highlight Perfectly

How To Contour And Highlight Perfectly

eye make up tutorial

eye make up tutorial

Stretch your smile!

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How to Heal a Pimple Scab : Skin Care Makeup

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Healing Scabs on the Face

Healing Scabs on Face

thebdeautydepartm... blemish magic trick -- " tell my clients this so much, I feel like a broken record. If you squeeze a whitehead: you inflame it and the tissue around it it bleeds and scabs over, making it harder to cover up it ends up lasting a week instead of a few days you might even damage the skin, leaving you with a scar."


a comprehensive, detailed makeup routine (that's well organized) that you can customize for yourself

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the right way to cover the to cover pimple cos it so HARD to cover it and not make it look worst

blushing basics: How To Correct & Conceal Acne

Lots of you tell me my skin looks fine, well this is how I cover my blemishes! If you only knew what my skin actually looks like.... lol

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Makeup brush guide

A Little Dash of Darling: November 2012