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Nam Joo Hyuk | 남주혁 | D.O.B 22/2/1994 (Pisces)

Nam Joohyuk: Daddy af I can't breathe what way to kick off the board Joohyuk

Winter Outfit Formulas For Men #mensfashion #fashion

Winter Outfit Formulas For Men #mensfashion #fashion

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Have you ever wanted to fist bump Tom Hiddelston? Oh my gosh, this is making me way too excited. GIF we need some more fist bumping actors to take part!

Man catching spider animated gif

15 Things That Will Make You Say NOPE - I'm sending this to everyone I hate<<< I'm pretty sure I'd die from a heart attack before I even tried to look at the spider

Cut Nyak Dhien after being captured by Dutch East Indies officials  COLLECTIE TROPENMUSEUM Groepsportret met Cut Nyak Dhien de vrouw van Teuku Umar na haar gevangenneming TMnr 10018822 - Cut Nyak Dhien - Wikipedia

Cut Nyak Dhien - a female hero from Atjeh after being captured by Dutch colonialist. Old and sick. Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia