Adarsh Girish

Adarsh Girish
Vancouver, British Columbia / Animator at Rainmaker Entertainment
Adarsh Girish
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Mike Jungbluth breaks down all of the different approaches to convey the moment of impact and how the type of game you are making could require more or less .

How To: Use Redirects

If you're anything like me and have an irrational dislike of path animation then you may want to explore using redirects. They're great for quick adjustments.

From The Art of Animal Drawing by Ken Hultgren

If you love animals or drawing then you should add this book to your collection. The Art of Animal Drawing is a crash course in not only animal anatomy, but usage of lines, page composition, animation.

Character Animation Shot Breakdown by Manuel Menendez

Check out Animation Mentor graduate Manuel Menendez's Student Showcase award-winning shot and how he used reference, animatic tests, and the Animation Men.

MotionBuilder Tutorial: How to Mirror Animation or Motion Capture (Basic)

In this tutorial we take a character that is side-stepping to the right with a rifle in his right hand and quickly exactly mirror the movements so he his now.