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Fingernails and your health:  Your fingernails can provide clues to your overall health — but do you know how to read the signs? Check out photos of seven nail conditions that warrant medical attention.

7 fingernail problems not to ignore Fingernails — Photo of Beau's lines, Terry's nails and yellow nail syndrome

Did you know that some fingernail irregularities are signs of medical conditions?

Most fingernail irregularities are simply cosmetic, but there are some nail irregularities that are associated with serious medical conditions.

How to Put Someone to Sleep Using Pressure Points Do you have insomnia? Try some or all of these!

This image shows the Measurements used in TCM to locate points on the body. For example Spleen 6 is approximately cun' or 4 fingers above the inside ankle bone (medial malleolus)

Foot massage

Foot Reflexology - Massage part of foot that corresponds to part of body that hurts and it will slowly reduce and eventually get rid of pain. Helps promote blood circulation to that particular part of the body.


Did you know you can locate spine’s point on your foot’s edge? This is the area where all back problems are projected, and are located in a form of pain-points. By massaging your feet you will be able to get rid of back pain, tension and stiffness.

This Is What Happens When You Massage This Point On The Ear

The ancient Chinese referred to this point as Shen Men or “The Gate of Heaven.” Shen Men is a anti-stress point that decreases stress, boosts energy flow, and strengthens the overall health of the body.