Daria Ozhereleva

Daria Ozhereleva

Daria Ozhereleva
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Although very simple the painting clearly shows the brush strokes and the movement of the painting. (color, line, texture)

How to hang a gallery wall the perfect way

A gallery wall with photos & posters can look really striking and incredibly gorgeous in your home. Here is a step-by-step tutorial to do it right >>

Продавая улыбайтесь агитация, Советские плакаты, улыбка

We are against a gloomy face. We are for the seller's smile.

Joanne Ho's Paintings Celebrate the Joy of Swimming

The simple delight of swimming, captured by illustrator Joanne Ho, brought me slightest glimmer of cheerfulness this morning, amidst all the tragic and devastating events that have occurred in our country in the last few days. No matter how small we might