OMGosh! How many of these have I thrown away?

Plastic hanger chip clips, I have a bag full of these hangers to cut on the saw to use.

Homemade Icepacks. This is so cool - you use plain doesn't freeze totally solid but like those gel packs you can buy where you contour them to your body. So neat!

Easy DIY Ice Packs

Good Idea: DIY - Ice Packs using Liquid Soap. Save money on buying ice packs by taking dish soap, pour it into a ziploc bag, then freeze it. The soap doesn't solidify so it molds to the shape you need, it gets colder and stays colder longer.

Black French Manicure.

Black matte fingernails with glossy tips. Black matte fingernails with glossy tips. Black matte fingernails with glossy tips.

nifty idea.

Take an old lotion bottle (this is a Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo bottle) and cut it to fit around an outlet and plug. Select some fabric and Mod Podge it on. Instant electronic device holder, clear counters Good idea for a yarn project!

San Antonio

This San Antonio Spurs basketball flag will look great flying outdoors or hanging inside the game room, den, or rec room of any fan of NBA team Spurs Spurs.


Worth Baby, Family and High School Senior Photographer

isaac loves this!

Crayola Color Wonder fingerpaints allow your little one the fun of fingerpainting without all the mess! 12 Double-wide sheets of Color Wonder Paper 5 Color Wonder fingerpaints Mess Free Ages .

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