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Mabel had been keeping Bill in a jar for a while now, Bill was strangely content. For he had forgotten that the outside world exists, except for Mabel, whom would talk to him. (Open rp, I'm Bill)

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I made this for Gravity Falls fans! Gravity Falls - Alex Hirsch/Disney Dipper Pines (with backpack)

I love this so much I will pin it again

Mable is literally me in a cartoon. We even look the same. I was wearing sweater the other day and I was fangirling and one of my friends said that i reminded her of mable right to the ugly sweater. I told it it wasnt ugly, IT WAS GLITTERFULL!

Reverse Mabel

I love reverse Mabel fan art its so good

'Tis a lie the glasses are Ford

[Image - 419635]

All-Seeing Eye Do you see the illuminati Owl . A dollar bill All-Seeing Eye on a Pyramid Image .

Ваши рисунки с Гравити Фолз (4 альбом) | 4 930 фотографий

Ваши рисунки с Гравити Фолз (4 альбом) | 4 930 фотографий