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15 Feminist Cross-Stitchings You Didn't Know You Needed

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15 Feminist Subversive Cross-Stitch Embroidery Pieces You Need |

15 Feminist Cross-Stitchings You Didn't Know You Needed -

From up Northfrom From up North

Mixed inspirational & think worthy quotes

Remember This

So True

True Dat

True Ass


Tweegram Quoteoftheday

Mantra Wordsofwisdom

The O'Jays

The Great


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Interesting Ocean

Picz Funny

Ocean Facts

Animal Picz

Facts History

Prayer Rug

Prayer Mat

Super Fun

Science Facts

Interesting Ocean Facts

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Intention Whatsoever

Just Because

That S

You Are

Its Ok

Cuz It'S

Getting Up Early

True Stories

True Story

For as long as I can remember I have wished I was a morning person, knowing it would make my life easier. I have tried so many times to force myself to be one of those obnoxiously productive early risers. I finally realized it's like trying to will myself to not have brown eyes.

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Dance Dillys

Dance Film

Dancers Dancing

Dance Team

Quotes Advice

Quotes Funnies

Friedrich Nietzsche

Quotes Friedrich

Laugh Friedrich

Dancing Quote / Dance Every Day / Friedrich Nietzsche

EternalJoi | Young Living Essential Oils, Daily Quote 25JUL2012 | We should consider every...

Wise Words

Words Of Wisdom

Words Of Encouragement

Wise Sayings

True Words

Inspirational Quotes And Sayings

Sayings About Life

Encouraging Quotes

Random Sayings

Elie Wiesel. Author of NIGHT. Concentration camp survivor

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Etsyfrom Etsy

Hand-Cut Papercut Art - WORDS OF WISDOM Silhouette // Coupon Code SALE20

Imagination Einstein

Vs Imagination

Hand Cut

Logic Vs

Albert Einstein Quotes

Einstein Logic

Einstein Poster

Einstein Famous

Einstein Knew

Einstein saying

SALE 30% OFF // Coupon code: SALE30 // Words of Wisdom - Hand-Cut Silhouette Papercut

Vs Success

Quotes Success

Strive Not To Be A Success

Thoughts Success

Powerful Thoughts

Positive Thoughts

Einstein Strive

Value Quotes

Favoutrite Quotes


Not Found

Complicity Albert

Silence Complicity

Einstein Quotes God

Einstein Einstein

Consequences Quotes

Prolife Quotes

Quotes About Abuse

Prolife Signs

Einstein'S Quotes


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Churchill Tact

Churchill Glow

Churchill Rocks

Winston Churchill Quotes Inspiration

Winston Churchill Quotes Funny

Churchill Google

Tact Winston

Sir Winston

Winston Speaks

Tact is the ability to tell someone to go to hell... ‪#‎inspiration‬ ‪#‎motivation‬ ‪#‎wisdom‬ ‪#‎quote‬ ‪#‎quotes‬ ‪#‎life‬ ‪#WinstonChurchill

∞ - imgfave: Posted by dreamgirl1

Never Enough

Make Time

Make It

Do You

Time Luv

Anyone'S Time

Time Learn

Out Of Time

Time To Live

'I still find each day too short for all the thoughts I want to think, all the walks I want to take, all the books I want to read, and all the friends I want to see.' - John Burroughs #Quotation #John_Burroughs #TRUTH

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Quotes Quotations

Quotes Motivational

Quotable Quotes

Inspiring Quotes

Prayers Quotes

Text Quotes

Powerful Quotes

Inspirational Thoughts

Awesome Quotes

Intuition Inspirational Quotes Inspirational Quotes, Motivational Quotes, Quotations to enlighten, cheer and inspire. Positive, happy |

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Clever Miscellany

Outdoor Lovin

The Star

Feel Better

Art Photography



The O'Jays


Looking at the stars always makes me feel better

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Addie Guenther

Writes Letter

A Letter

Epic Letter

Fathers Letter

Letter Written

Letters I'Ve

Greatest Letters

Harsh Letter

Letter Penned

A father's letter to his daughter about her disowning her gay son.

A Grandfather's Letter To His Daughter About her Disowning Her Gay Son.

Wholly Alive

Fully Alive




Alive Hemingway

Hemingway Fan

Favorite Hemingway

Hemingway Tattoo

Ernest Hemingway

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Twitterfrom Twitter

Jennifer Stone on

Highlight Reel

Stop Comparing




Well Said

Remember This

Remember Everyday


the reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind-the-scenes with everyone else's highlight reel

Jennifer Stone on Twitter

Poetry Quotes

Quotes ️

Quotable Quotes

Wounds Quotes

Motivational Sayings

True Sayings

Daily Quotes

Quotes Images

Quotes Proverb


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Artist Banksy

Banksy Graffiti

Street Art Graffiti

Graffiti Artwork

Banksy Tag


Graffiti Artists

Street Art Lesson

Graffiti Jpeg

Banksy |

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Fire Charles

The Charles

Quote Charles

Author Charles

What Matters Most

Fire Quotes

Soul Quotes

Quotes Lover

Quotes Wisdom

" What matters most, is how well you walk through the fire" "Lo que más importa es lo bien que camines a traves del fuego" #frase #quote #CharlesBukowski

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Hoodies Kids

Kids Tees

Shirt Hoodies



Tee Shirt

Random T Shirts

Shirts Organic

Tees Baby

It's really not too much to ask for.

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Last minute birthday card…


Perfect Card

Perfect Real

Perfect Note


Remember This


I Will

Might Have

just a little favor.

Last minute birthday card…

That S

It S

Math Teacher

Teacher Humor

Classroom Humor

Classroom Ideas

Classroom Gems

Teacher Toolbox

Teacher Power

square root... sadly, not a perfect square.

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Hathaway Beautiful

Hathaway Awesome

Hathaway Pretty

Hathaway Sweet

Ann Hathaway

Hathaway Classic

Hathaway Beauty

Anne Hathaway Quotes

Hathaway Favorite

anne hathaway

404 Not Found

Me Time Quotes

Deep Quotes Poems

Deep Love Quotes

Love Poetry Quotes

Poetic Quotes

Poetry Poems

Inspirational Quotes

Life Quotes

Random Quotes

This is my new favorite quote! Promise me you will not spend so much time treading water and trying to keep your head above the waves that you forget, truly forget, how much you have always loved to swim. Tyler Knott Gregson

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Succeeded Emerson

Succeeded Ralph

Quotes Emerson

Emerson 3

Emerson Universe

Emerson Famous

Emerson Wisdom

Affection Quotes

Life Amen

I love you emerson<3 Ralph Waldo Emerson, Inspirational Quote, Poetry, Succeeding, Typography, Neutral 8 x 10 Word Art Print. $14.00 USD, via Etsy.

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