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School Stuff

Fun and functional stuff for school

100 Prompts for Multiple Intelligences to get EVERY student writing! Use for creative fiction or poetry! All slides come with a prompt, a prompt caption, and a sentence starter.

FREE - Phases of the Moon activity with cookies!!

FREE! English Language Arts Word Wall for Grades 7-12. 60 words.*The CCSS requires your instruction to incorporate academic and content vocabulary. As you teach your units of study, just add the words you will cover in your lessons. Your classroom environment should include a word wall. During your observations it will be noted that you have your content vocabulary displayed.*

Study All Knight Teacher Resources: Tips and Flips April Linky- April 15th to April 19th

Past, Present and Future - Poster and Writing Activity. Can be use for End of the Year or for Back to School! ($)

FREE - Earth Day Activity - Students work collaboratively to create a Top 10 list of things that make Earth unique.

21 Ways to Use Task Cards. Click through to get your free task card handbook.

Poetry Pack - 8 engaging and creative activities to get your students writing and understanding poetry. ($)

Poetry Task Cards - Writing prompts to help your students with poetry! 3 formats - 36 cards! ($)

Poetry Activity - using newspaper articles as inspiration, students write a poem with figurative language. ($)

End of Year Activities ($) 11 different fun and engaging activities to wrap up the school year.

Bring an Idiom to School! Get your students excited about learning idioms! Students collect object from around the house that represent idioms. It's a Show & Tell for big kids with an academic focus! See student examples and idiom form.

Promote your curriculum in your classroom using memes {from}

My Years, in Tree Rings - would be great as a poem in our art/poetry books

Awesome Linky of April FREE resources. WAHOO!

Need a quote for an assignment, newsletter, or inspiration? Check out this site that has quotes chosen especially for the classroom - nothing inappropriate or irrelevant. Makes it way easier to find the quote YOU need.

FREE End of Year or Review Activity

FREE - Earth Day Activity - Students work collaboratively to create a Top 10 list of things that make Earth unique.

How to Visualize a Story {Blog post and freebie} for Grades 1-4 The Perks of Teaching Primary By: TheWriteStuff

Popsicle stick catapult. I see this being a last day of school activity ...