Latitude and Longitude Activities ($)

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Getting students to complete work can be tough! Here are four things to consider along with tips for each one.

Getting Students to Complete Work - HoJo's Teaching

All About Me Book for Middle School Students. Two versions included! ($)

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Are You Using Projects or Project-Based Learning?

Are You Using Projects or Project-Based Learning? | EducationCloset

FREE subject posters for your middle / high school classroom!

Classroom Posters - Math, Science, English, Geography & More

33 Words to Use Instead of "Very"

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Students create their personal coat of arms based on their unique qualities. Great for back to school or social studies! ($)

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Are Your Students Ready? Back to school door decor for middle / high school students! ($)

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All About Me Digital Activity for Upper Elementary / Middle School Students!

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FREE Back to School Survey for Middle / High School Students

Addie Education - Teacher Talk: Fun Back to School Student Survey

10 Principles Of Genius HourGenius Hour is a movement picking up traction globally – an opportunity where students given true autonomy explore their own passions and exercise creativity in the classroom. It allows pure voice and choice in what students learn during a set period of time during school. Genius Hour is student-driven, passion-based inquiry at it’s best which can be enhanced by technology in the hands of modern learners. Put simply, it is a time where learners choose what to lear...

ReconfigurEd. - Hacking student passions through Genius Hour

Find FREE classroom posters for your Middle or High school classroom!

Addie Education - Teacher Talk: Classroom Poster Ideas for Middle / High School

Holy cow, 271 pages of Post-it activities for teachers. This might be a pin now, read later. This is a cheap, easy way to get students up and moving while still learning and it gets them thinking of different types of questions to ask.


A GROWTH MINDSET NEEDS GRIT, GOAL SETTING AND RESILIENCE: Teaching students to be resilient is no easy task. Too often they give up easily and fail to reach their potential. What they need is a little grit and a set of tools to help them set goals and work toward achieving them.

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26 Questions to Help You Know Yourself Better:

26 Questions To Help You Know Yourself Better

Are you wondering what your digital learning options are for your classroom? Between Google Drive, OneDrive, Google Classroom, and Microsoft 365 - this post has you covered! Learn about the similarities of each through a detailed comparison of each one. Whether you teach primary students, upper elementary, middle school, or high school - this article will ensure you know what technology to use in your classroom to help your students find success with your online teaching.

What are your Digital Learning Options for Your Classroom?

Math Strategy - Could be a good way for students to go back and check their work and their profess!

Math teachers are hip - Hahaha love this #selfie #math #classroom

inquiry questions

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How to Get Your Classroom Ready for Next Year-Teachers, starting prep early is key to maintaining your sanity! These tips will help you enjoy your summer and avoid the headache of back to school stress!

The Classroom Sparrow

Going 1:1? Looking for ready to use resources??

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Looking for ready to use digital resources for your Google or 1:1 Classroom? Check out these ELA, SS, and Science resources.

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FREE - teen clip art! Love these feet from Mae Hates Mondays!

Students at Work Freebie

Types of Rocks Graphic Organizers and Review Questions ($)

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Earthquake Graphic Organizers covers types of faults, earthquake waves, measuring earthquakes, focus, epicentre and more! ($)

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Plate Tectonics Graphic Organizers - 7 pages of organizers and activities! ($)

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