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Remove Hard Water Deposits with Two Ingredients!

Remove Hard Water Deposits - Made From Pinterest

Getting rid of water stains on wood furniture! This really seems to work. Just tried, stain is gone.

How to remove white water rings from wood furniture

pot of boiling water, add baking soda until water fizzes, and add dirty stove vents

The Everyday Cinderella: Clean your stove vents

GLASS TOP STOVE CLEANER: 1. Baking soda 2. Liquid dish soap Start with about 1 tsp. of baking soda and add enough dish soap to form a paste (also about 1 tsp.). Using a sponge with a mildly abrasive side but one that won’t scratch, work in circles focusing on tough areas of the stove top. When you’re done, wipe with a microfiber cloth to polish the glass surface.

Homemade Glass Stove Top Surface Cleaner

Inexpensive Homemade Bathroom Cleaner- a cleaner that you can feel good about using around your children! Plus it's super simple to make!

Inexpensive Homemade Bathroom Cleaner

Good To Know: Lifehacking Tips & Tricks | Just Imagine - Daily Dose of Creativity

Good To Know: Lifehacking Tips & Tricks

15 Things to Clean More Often

15 Things to Clean More Often - How to Nest for Less™

I have tried many methods of removing stains from clothing. This homemade spot remover really does the job, and it is inexpensive and easy to make.

Homemade Miracle Cleaner

Cleaning Pyrex glass with a magic eraser

*Goodbye Grease Stains*

BABY OIL: You can keep nasty soap scum from building up on shower curtains and shower doors by coating them with a little baby oil. Be careful not to let any drip onto the floor, it's slippery! Now if you've already got soap scum, use some baby oil to break through that hardened scum. Just put some on a wash cloth and scrub the that scum away.

Baby Oil - Unusual Uses

The best floor cleaner recipe!! - Top 10 Most Creative Household Uses for Borax 4. 1 teaspoon of dish detergent mixed with 1/3 cup of Borax, 1 tablespoon of ammonia or lemon juice and a gallon of hot water makes a wonderful floor cleaner. The Borax will help to get stubborn stains from the floor and you can use it on tile, linoleum or hardwood flooring.

Cast Iron Skillet Care Maintenance (infographic) | Yumi Sakugawa | The Secret Yumiverse

How to Use & Properly Maintain Your Precious Cast Iron Skillet

How to Season and Clean a Cast Iron Skillet #howto #diy #kitchen

How to Clean a Cast Iron Skillet | A Spicy Perspective

Use this to clean soap scum off glass shower doors.

Removing soap scum from shower doors - 4 methods and a winner!!

Ten Things To Do Before Selling Your House - I don't need this info yet but I might need it someday :-)

10 Things to do BEFORE Selling Your House - Girl Loves Glam

Made From Pinterest's discussion on Hometalk. Miracle Wand for Cleaning Glass Shower Doors - Fill a dish wand with cleaning solution for glass. Makes for easy upkeep of glass shower doors.

Miracle Wand for Cleaning Glass Shower Doors

MADE: Window Screens: Remove & lay flat on an old towel. Mix 1Tbsp dish washing liquid in 1/2gallon of water. Use a soft brush to gently scrub the screen with soap mix. Hold the screen upright & rinse with a garden hose. Shake water from screen & let air dry. TIPS: Go over screen with a vacuum attachment every 3 months to control dust. Keep insects from going through small holes by dabbing with a spot of clear nail polish. Part of our yearly spring cleaning!

How to Clean Window Screens | eHow

Vinegar: Cleaning Tips. Love this as I love cleaning with vinegar.

How to get your dishwasher squeaky clean and fresh smelling! I had no idea this was possible!

How to Clean Your Dishwasher - One Good Thing by Jillee

Ways to clean wool rugs yourself without nasty chemicals.

Hard water stains in the toilet. 1/4 cup borax, 1 cup vinegar, wait 20 mins scrub. Shine throne

How to machine wash pillows

How to clean a dishwasher. To do about every 6 months. Great to do when moving into a new home.

How to machine wash pillows - I didnt know you could do this?!?!

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Baking Soda as DRAIN UNCLOGGER -- To Get your Drain Running Again Pour ½ Cup Soda, Then ½ Cup Vinegar, Down a Clogged Drain. Cover It with a Wet Cloth, Wait 5 Minutes, Uncover, & Flush with Steaming Hot Water