Colored Bookshelves. Easy to do and cute

LOVE this idea! I don't need reading levels indicated but I think this would be a great look for the shelves and I could organize by subject matter! Paint colored shelves to signify reading levels.


It is no secret we love us a repurposed wine bottle project here at Totally Green Crafts. See how Ashbee Design created this beautiful fall table-scape starring candy corn wine bottles. Pin It

Popsicle sticks & buttons

Valentine craft, need some buttons, can use large pop sticks for the frame Pinned on behalf of Pink Pad, the women's health mobile app with the built-in community You're as cute as a button!

Felted Circles

Beautiful wall hanging from Stockley Academy The students discovered the harmful effect that duck-weed and blue green algae is having on the Huangpu River, and through the process of felt making they created concentric circles to represent these.


One of our best Valentine crafts for kids is this beautiful stained glue heart idea. They look like stained glass, but they are an inexpensive version, using glue instead.

rainbow suitcases - love these

Great idea for storage of things not used all the time and it looks so cute for a kids room when suitcases are painted bright! Can be used with neat stickers too! Old suitcases are always available at junk shops.

It's balloons - Great idea for an Easter store window - Balloon dress in the shop window of Takashimaya, Osaka.


I just love marbles! Marbles Close Up Photograph by Garry Gay - Marbles Close Up Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale

Street Art and Circus Festival at Sceaux, France. Photography by Vincent…

rainbow weaving

Color Gamps - One of the joys of weaving is how color interacts in the cloth. When weft crosses the warp, it changes the apparent color of the warp, sometimes quite dramatically.


This orange pink peacock feather almost looks on fire, the vibrant colours behind work really well.

Rainbow colors - Regenboog kleuren

Farewell letter from