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I love KFC! And KFC is from Kentucky so Kentucky indirectly influenced the creation of midnight memories.

One direction then and now

They've come so far. And we are just so proud. I was a directioner from the start and i always will be! Us directioners are soo proud of you They're growing up so fast

I'm sorry the directioner you're looking for is currently crying in a cave attempting to understand this post

I miss my boys. We all knew they'd grow up right? We did. But we aren't excepting it now. Their men guys, I know I know! It's killing me their growing up but. We need to except it. My boys I miss them

Directioners if you want to be a member of the board just comment and I'll add you! :)

Niall-"Oh hey ladies" Harry- "Loueh!" Liam-"Harry stfu" Zayn-"woah niall over here bby" Louis- "im so cute"

I laughed. so. hard.

*cries* i remember them all. oh i remember that evil monkey. So evil. And those locks.


All the Directioners named Olivia are probably the happiest fans in the world. (Yes yes we are)

One Direction - Four (album) - Collage Print

1D collage (Made in the am OR four OR midnight memories)