Adem Yusuf Demir

Adem Yusuf Demir

Adem Yusuf Demir
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Door idea for middle school classroom. Could do it with the x and y axis, independent/dependent variable horizontal vertical

Great for Social Studies - Communities Flip book

Great for Social Studies - Communities Flip book urban rural suburban

I'm Flipping over Flip Books! Reading response and writing prompt flip books!

Story flip books - I think this type of activity would encourage creative story

Grammar flip book-love this idea

English grammar flip book, ideas for teaching the parts of speech

Jan Brett Author Study *The kids will LOVE this flip book! Lots of great author study ideas $

Mitten: Jan Brett flip book (Characters, Setting, Favorite Part)

What You Should Know About Education In Finland - Edudemic

There's no Homework in Finland Infographic is one of the best Infographics created in the Education category. Check out There's no Homework in Finland now!

The What, Why & How of Infographic Creation [In an Infographic]

Theres no better way to show companies how to create an engaging infographic than through outlined steps in the form of an infographic. A new infographic by Infographic Labs --.

elementary school teacher websites

The 20 Best Websites Elementary Teacher Should Know Infographic lists the top 20 websites for elementary teachers that fulfill the needs of your tech-savvy kids.

Must have WordPress plugins 2012

Must Have WordPress Plugin Infographic WordPress Cms Plugins

What makes a goog #infographic? No comments )

Infographics are visualizations of data that can help audiences quickly grasp complex sets of ideas. The key to a good infographic design is to find interesting and reliable data, then come up with an awesome blueprint and visual story.