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Técnicas y Tácticas de los Tercios Españoles, Mosquetero

Técnicas y Tácticas de los Tercios Españoles, Mosquetero

Antique Helmets used by the Scythians: the estate Kekuvatskogo near s. Balto-Slavica> What were the Scythians?

Battle of Magnesia. Seleucids against Romans. Artwork by Graham Sumner.

"Hard-pressed by a Roman legionary and fearing encirclement, a phalangite looks nervously over his shoulder as the phalanx collapses around him", Graham Sumner

The Battle of Antioch in 145 BC saw the defeat and overthrow of Seleucid king Alexander Balas by Ptolemy VI Philometor of Egypt, but the Egyptian pharaoh died in the battle. This battle is also known as the Battle of the Oenoparus. - art by Sean O'Brogain

Battle of Antioch between Ptolemaic and Seleucid armies in King Ptolemy VI Philometor coming off his horse. Artwork by Seán Ó' Brógáin.

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