Adia Malik

Adia Malik

Adia Malik Toronto, Canada ☀️❄️⛄️ 10. 05. 94; 19 ~A picture is worth a thousand words~
Adia Malik
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Black & White photo of little girl & cat. Heartwarming Photos Of Kids Playing W/ Their Cats. 'Cats are cute. Kids are cute. But when cats & kids get together to play, they are cuter than the sum of their parts. These photos that we collected are


A girl with a pet bat? Or a bat with a pet girl? (Painting by Emily Winfield Martin) Kitten Stack Kittens

So sweet...

What's better than a picture of a cute animal? A picture of a cute animal holding another cute animal! In these pictures, the "awww" factor is doubled by adorable animals striking a pose with one another in often unexpected ways.