DIY Disco ball.

How to Make a Disco Ball with CDs. You can still dance to old CDs even if you don't like the music on them any more. Just turn them into a disco ball to boogie under! It's a smart and fun project to recycle all those unwanted freebie CDs.

DIY Paper Stomp Rockets by seamster, instructables #DIY #Kids #Toys #Stomp_Rockets

Paper Stomp Rockets

Intro : Paper Stomp Rockets - Easy and Fun! I run a free summertime activity program for kids as part of my job in the city where I liv.

En route! | La cabane à idées

En route!

The traffic light would help in an awesome game of 'Red Light, Green Light'! How to make a traffic light out of cardboard boxes. Also how to make cardboard car, gas tank, etc.

Dans une carte de souhait, le papillon s'envole quand on l'ouvre. Papillon mécanique | La cabane à idées

Papillon mécanique

DIY Wind-Up Paper Butterflies by via Amelia of The Homebook via youaremyfave via handmadecharlotte: Great! great intro to transformation project *such as crushed cans or eaten candy

Cloches code de la route en bouteille

Cloches code de la route en bouteille