Aynur Dikal Yildiz

Aynur Dikal Yildiz

Aynur Dikal Yildiz
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Resin Obsession blog:  How to make a bottle cap resin coaster

Circular coaster mold 431 is our most popular mold! It is in diameter and deep. This mold holds 2 ounces of resin when filled. Some buffing and/or sanding may be needed on the finished pie

very easy tree!!!

A Paper Bag Fall Tree. I have tissue paper in one of the bottom chest drawers at home.grab the fall colors. Need to buy the brown lunch bags tho'.

Foot print bumbees

Oh, you know what a sucker I am for handprint/footprint art. Here’s another adorable idea: A bumble bee made out of a footprint from Helpful Daddy! I’m melting from the cuteness over he…