Rochman Adinugroho

Rochman Adinugroho

Rochman Adinugroho
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Mural by Ryan Hamrick

Kelly green & light blue lettering project // This is absolutely gorgeous!

Crayola & Brushpen Lettering Set 3 on Behance - created via

Crayola & Brushpen Lettering Set 3 by David Milan I love the color & writing style of the pink on this

Lettering & Logo design inspiration. It's really important that the text is clear and easy to read against its background. Good contrast that eye catching. I like how the smooth text is easy on the eye and pleasant to read.

Lettering & Logotype Inspiration via Dribbble

Red Lentils and Spinach in Masala Sauce

A decent pose can make or break a portrait. Use our essential portrait posing guide to help you see what works.

#M #logo #design

Loopy M monogram.

The Barn in Berlin / photo by Teodorik Mensl (click to follow me on Instagram)

The Barn in Berlin / photo by Teodorik Mensl

New personal logo

New personal logo

Monogram / Personal Logo by Rodrigo Puelles, via Behance

I like the combination of the letters, it looks like a work of art but at the same time the letters are clear. I like that the R does not have all of its line intact on the left side

RA #logo

R_a in Branding // Logo: Seal + Crest

RA Monogram #2

Another attempt at an RA monogram. It was one of those happy design discoveries when those ball terminals intersected so perfectly.