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DOG WISDOM  BE BRAVE NO MATTER YOUR SIZE   have a mind of you own  MAKE YOUR OWN FUN  DIG LIFE  BE LOYAL & FAITHFUL  Chase after your dreams  Take a Nap.  NEVER STOP PLAYING  WAG MORE BARK LESS   Be quick to forgive   LEARN NEW TRICKS NO MATTER YOUR AGE.  Love Unconditionally  MAKE NEW FRIENDS   -The Stencilsmith  -photo credit to the owner #dogs #cats

DOG WISDOM-DOG WISDOM stencil word art typography collage dogs a little bit of be brave no matter your size. But I think this could apply us human beings, what do you think?

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Sometimes you just gotta lie on the floor with your dog. (or cat!

Real life right here!! I don't trust people that dogs don't like/that don't like dogs...

Real life right here! I don't trust people that dogs don't like/that don't like dogs. - Tap the pin for the most adorable pawtastic fur baby apparel! You'll love the dog clothes and cat clothes!

Look at this #zulilyfind! Black 'You Can't Buy Love' Wall Art #zulilyfinds

Look at this zulilyfind Black You Cant Buy Love Wall Art zulilyfinds

My Dog Has Taught Me... Box Sign Decor

M dog taught me everything I need to know. It's OK sometimes to just eat and…

taekwondo stretch exercises - the first one in yoga is Cobra, second is bow, third is monkey pose, is plough, is moon wow - there is no difference!

Monday Morning Randomness - Gallery

Funny pictures about Epic Vader Outdoor Fireplace. Oh, and cool pics about Epic Vader Outdoor Fireplace. Also, Epic Vader Outdoor Fireplace photos.

And get creative with your neckties too.

How to tie a tie. How to tie a necktie. How to tie an Ascot. How to tie a Cravat. How to Tie a Bow Tie The goal is to have the largest collection of necktie .