Reminds me of a female Dracula. Bram Stoker,Gary Oldman style.

this may well be my halloween make up and fashion style of choice this year the victorian metrosexual styled vampira .


Great hair on this Goth girl. Nice mix of burgundy and black inspiration for…

Gothic. Dreams are made of this. Dreams become the fiction book of the future. #gothic #women #beauty

Unique-Yet-Scary-Halloween-Costume-Ideas kind of reminds me of that lady off of the Adams Family


The Goth subculture promoted Gothic Fashion. The aesthetic are usually dark, mysterious and usually wears black clothing. My kind of style, well at least ideally in my high school days.

gothic bride

This is AWESOME and very much like the witch in Sleepy Hollow! Buy a cheap wedding dress, veil, and gloves and dye them black.