Colt Python .357

Back in Black . Colt Python I want one!

Colt Python .357

Colt Python The most in depth study of handgun deaths, showed that the magnum was the deadliest round. It was not responsible for the most deaths, but was the only round that on average took less than two shots to prove fatal.

M14 7.62NATO Battle Rifle...

former standard rifle for the US military from the until the mid it has taken on a second life being used by Special Operations and Light Infantry Units as a Designated Marksman (counter-sniper) rifle.

Springfield M1A .308  I WILL own one of these soon.

View photos of and information about Springfield Armory rifles. Find a Springfield Armory dealer using a map, or by state and town.

The new Glock that my Grandfather presented me with today! He thought my 19 was too small so ordered the 17! How many girls have a grandfather like that?

OWNED- Glock 17 Gen 4 w/ 3 factory 17 round magazines. Find our speedloader now…