Then, I told him, I just need to go to Target real quick. Be back in 10 minutes. Hahahah, and he believed me.Oh how I love Target!

words to live by!

When all else fails, a little retail therapy at my favorite store always helps! by jenifer. i could not agree more! during my first years in philly- i did target therapy all of the time.


Funny Workplace Ecard: It's Payday and I'm on lunch break.Of course I'm at Target. Haha sounds like how we used to go to Target on lunch breaks Sharp :)

i might be guilty of this...haha

I do this all the time.<< my family says 'Tarjay' for a target in a fancy town and 'targetto' in a sketchy town

For all my friends who love when I say "I got it at Goodwill ;))) Target clearance schedule- The day after a holiday, all holiday merchandise is 50% off.  Three days later it drops to 70% off.  Three days after that, 90% off.  Whatever is left after 2 days goes to Goodwill. two big clearance times - Baby Items Clearance in January and July and a Toy Clearance in July and October.

Target Clearance Schedule & Shopping Tips

The V Spot: Target Clearance Schedule Shopping Tips. **Great tip: full price always ends in a Each discount the number goes down. When the last digit (ex: it wont go any lower.

story of my life

Story of my life. My sister, mom, and I love target lol

So true :)

How I Feel When Shopping at Target. funny because it's true :D Although, I think for this to be more accurate, the little white pie character should be the one buying all that stuff.

Bullseye Cake Pops by Bakerella

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Bullseye Gets the Bakerella Treatment: Canine Cake Pops--> turned into horse pops