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Cabbage Roll Meatballs

Traditional cabbage rolls are labor intensive and take up a fair amount of the day between the preparation of the filling, parboiling the cabbage, preparing the leaves for stuffing, and then finally slow roasting them in the oven. These Cabbage Roll Meatballs have the same great flavor and are ready in minutes, not HOURS! This entire kid-friendly meal is ready in just over 30-minutes.

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Garlic Beef Noodle Bowls – an Asian style noodle bowl with lots of garlic, that is ready in just minutes! Great for busy nights.

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Meat pie, one of the most emblematic dishes of Australia, is a pie stuffed with beef traditionally served in individual portions. #australia #196flavors

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Cipaille Pot Pie

Pronounced sea pie This is a traditional recipe that comes from The Gaspesie area. It is a pot pie that used to be made with wild meats and fowls. Nowadays, we make it with meats you find at the supermarket. A one pot meal so handy when you are serving a group.I found this recipe in a Recettes du Quebec and adjusted it for us. My mother used to talk and make something like this; I wish she was around so I could get the exact recipe.

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French Onion Soup Pork Chops

Juicy cheese-topped pork chops roasted in French onion soup sauce. A meal worthy of company, but so easy, it’s also perfect for a weeknight meal!

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The BEST Stuffed Green Pepper Recipe

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Sticky Spicy Slow-Cooked Ribs

Sticky Spicy Slow-Cooked Ribs recipe from Ree Drummond via Food Network

Another Italian Meatloaf