Fido @ #adorablesmalldogs

Fido @ #adorablesmalldogs

Fido @ #adorablesmalldogs
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Homemade Dog Food for your budget and your dog's health on

I never expected to be that dog mom that makes her own dog food for her animal. But we treat our dog exactly like what she is, a member of our family. We love her and, yes, we spoil her. And so does both set of grandparents. But there are two reasons

10 Fruits & Vegetables That Dogs Absolutely Love! = Apples, Pears, Water& Sweet-melon, Blueberries, Green Beans, Carrots ,Sweet-Potoatoe, Pumpkin & Spinach

10 Fruits & Vegetables That Dogs Absolutely Love An apple a day keeps the veterinarian away? This may be true, apples contain antioxidants that help boost immunity. Plus they’re sweet… dogs love the sweet. Just be sure to throw out the core since …

Please Share This Page: Photo – This video by Training Positive showcases one of the most essential commands that any dog should know. Dog training would be without sense if your dog fails to learn this specific command. It is highly important that your dog gets to understand this crucial command because this could …

This takes you to a link for a video - but what you might like to do is click through for the update. These videos are really clear and thorough - very helpful, taking you step by step through to training for an effective recall: absolutely vital.