link to FREE letters (hundreds of each letter!) to use for your designs.

Link to FREE letters & numbers to use for your designs. Literally hundreds to choose from of each. I used this to make some wall art for our home.

By Topic, Author or Series:  What about using something like these animal dividers to keep things organized and add visual interest to the bookshelf? Looks like a fun DIY project to me! Jadabugs Baby Boutique #baby #books #bookshelf #kids

Ideas for Organizing Kids Books

Cute animal silhouettes decorate that bookshelf. - Laminate animals and put in the place where each animal book belongs to help students find books they are looking for!

candlesticks on coffee table

Styling a Coffee Table - Keep things tidy with a tray. Everything looks neater on a tray. Add books, candles, or any other piece to the tray.


wrap books in gold or white wrapping paper for a uniform look on the bookshelf.especially if you love shiny things!


Danish designer Kristoffer Zeuthen has created a globe, constructed of bamboo and lifted with a steel rod post; this globe even features a built-in

constellation globe

Magical Thinking Constellation Globe this is pretty awesome. One day when I have a study I am decorating it with maps and globes. Maps of the world, constellations, brain, etc.


Globes and that Ikea Expedit shelving system.I love the way these books are arranged by color!and it is such a clever idea to use the bookcase as a room divider.

FUKUSADA DESIGN : Ryosuke Fukusada

Designer creates wooden light bulb combining Japanese craft and energy-efficient lighting technology, designer Ryosuke Fukusada creates an LED bulb wrapped in a thin wooden shell that works the same a glass lightbulb.

stairway joinery detail

Rail-free stairs are unnerving for a first-time visitor, but they amplify the home's free-flowing sense of space and structure. The stairs were built inside one of the six concrete towers, and they lead from the central living space to the front door.