A long time sufferer!!!

This is me. Forget OCD or ADHD this is everything the characters have. I have Obsesive Adaptabilty Disorder.


Repost if your a reader! << A true reader would know how to spell *you're*. :P<<< A true reader would know that their grammar is wrong. 'Your' is spelt right, but it's use as incorrect grammar in the second sentence.

Hehe :)

Librocubicularist - a person who reads in bed. Guess I qualify, how 'bout you? Kindle's perfect for reading in bed. No more big, heavy books falling in your face if you happen to doze off. It's certainly happened to me!


When the ending of a good book is near…

I LOVE elephant and piggie books. Mo willems is a genius, really. The elephant totally gets me…

I laughed when it said he had to die in Allegiant

Yep,yep,yep, but I bet he actually cared about Tris in allegent, he was just a teachers pet.


18 Confessions Only True Book Lovers Will Understand These are totally me!


Sorry, but I'd definitely choose books. If anyone gave me an ultimatum between books and them, I'd choose books

OMG yesss

I finished the hunger games series and I was sad when it ended cause I had to stop reading

Every time...

Picture of Surprised David Tennant - "When You're Reading A Book And You Get To The Part Where The Title Starts To Make Sense!

For real, Veronica Roth!!! I mean..I think I'm okay with Tris dying. I just don't like how she wrote it. It almost seemed like Tris died for nothing. Ughhh....still not over it.

Tris and Tobias. What we all felt when reading Allegiant! Why did Veronica kill Tris? Fans say : Because she's mean and wants Tobias all for herself

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