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The difference between Sasuke Uchiha's and Naruto Uzumaki's childhoods. Sasuke Uchiha lost everything and Naruto Uzumaki had nothing from the beginning.

Eines Tages werde ich auf jedenfall nach Japan reisen, hehe ❤

I want to go to Japan and also learn Japanese. Everything there looks so cool, not only the anime and otaku related stuff but the attractions and traditions.


Goodbye I'm going to FairyTail thank you world! Tell my friends and family that I live them. I'm taking my friend because we both chose this anime.

the laws of anime

There will always be a woman to put a badass guy in there place. Lmao, deal with it guys! hahaha with their BADASS GIRLS :)

Ain't that the truth?

I have seen all of these animes. bleach Naruto Attack on titan Sword art online Fairy tail One peice Dragon Ball Z. I love all of these! Especially Dragon Ball Z!