come on! how much cuter can this little girl be???? with her scarf and her hair blowing behind her and those round glasses and her pretty, carefree ballerina pose?? oh, i'm in love with this picture-this is a good photo of childhood


When last season no longer fits. 1 via HumansofNewYork 2 via Childrenwithswag 3 via Childrenwithswag 4 via Kidzfashionisin 5 ... View Kid Fashion Models with More Style Than You" and more funny posts on CollegeHumor


In my point of view, children should not dress like they have come out of a fashion editorial, but style is completely different from ...


tank top - nosweet szorty - pinkstars shorts by Kids On The Moon trampki - Zara okulary - Gap


Kids Fashion Photography by Allison Cottrill painted red white and blue graffiti wall. Ode to america and a whole lot of hula hooping fun