How to make a Paper Wallet (Easy Steps) - YouTube

How to make a Paper Wallet (Easy Steps)

How to Do Pulled String Art with Kids

Pulled String Art is Mesmerizing and Addictive!

shine brite zamoranon grade 2...good use for paper scraps/strips

shine brite zamorano

Tici Llama comes from Peru in South America. Llamas are very sure footed and can travel over difficult mountainous country with packs on their backs. They have long soft fur which is used for wool. Tici is decorated with Inca patterns, these designs are still used today even though the old Inca civilization disappeared long long ago.

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Like the idea of doing mosiacs with my kids. Don't know why I didn't think of doing using construction paper. Duh!

Artwork published by Harley580

Amate Bark Painting Lesson Plan

Art for Small Hands: Painting - Amate Bark Paintings

Amate Bark Paintings used by the Otomi Indians of San Pablito, Mexico.

Amate Bark Paintings

Contact Paper Window Stickers - Fall Leaves. These are so fun to create and look like beautiful sun catchers hanging in your window.

Contact Paper Window Stickers - Fall Leaves

TP Roll Crafts: Koinobori (Wind Socks!) - Fun Crafts Kids

TP Roll Crafts: Koinobori (Wind Socks!) - Fun Crafts Kids

Branch weaving tutorial...I'll enjoy doing this in the summer sun.

Branch Weaving : Wind Branch

Sun Hats & Wellie Boots: "Hooray for Fish!" - Exploring the Story with Clay

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We love this idea for two reasons: an easy keepsake craft to make using shells and because we adore this coloured easy salt dough recipe. Perfect. So pretty. Great Summer Memories for us. And we will be gifting some to our friends we have missed over the holidays.

Easy Salt Dough Keepsakes - Shell Pendants

Possible culture activity during immigration unit. fans with paper plates. Great blog by an art teacher!

arteascuola: Oriental fans with paper plates

cardboard beads hung from a stick as a mobile

Strings of Things

Kazoo musical instrument preschool craft free kids cardboard tube

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Thinking back on all the cat and weird dog faces I'd make with this stuff... What was I thinking? Iron it on my neck!

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Clayton Elementary Art - want to do this with Winter Olympic project!

Clayton Elementary Art

Teatro de sombras * Brincadeira de antigamente !

Estéfi Machado: Teatro de sombras * Brincadeira de antigamente !

Erupting ice chalk paint - the COOLEST summer recipe for play

Erupting Ice Chalk Paint Recipe ~ Learn Play Imagine

Adorable Paper Plate Alien Spaceship craft + 15 fab books about aliens and space.

Paper Plate Flying Saucer Craft - Red Ted Art's Blog

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle egg carton figures.

Sugar Aunts: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle pretend play figures

Chihuly-inspired paper mache bowls; approx. 12"--14" wide; lesson by art teacher: Susan Joe

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Adriana Gonzalez

DIY:stamps made out of foam plates #DIY #crafts

Ro Bruhn Art: February 2011

Children will learn about ancient Egypt while making their own decorative collar.

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DIY Pipe Cleaner Puppets

DIY Halloween Pipe Cleaner Puppets | Handmade Charlotte