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SAMBURU People - East Africa: "Africa is evolving the quickest in my opinion. It has lost the majority of its ethnicity and authenticity," Jimmy Nelson photographed 35 tribes all over the world for book "'Before They Pass Away"

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Young girl from the mursi tribe with face painting and beaded head piece~ Ethiopia

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Jie girl - Southern Girl ah of Sudan! "What was that you said about "Red Paint"? She will Kick your ASS! You know what they say about those Pretty "southern-girls"!

De la tribu Dan, en Costa de Marfil

Africa from the National Geographic July 1982 publication 'Dan Tribe. Ivory Coast' © Michael and Aubine Kirtley


Ethiopia - woman carrying maize / corn and grinding stone. Jeremy Curl Photography Originally shared by Aboriginal & Tribal Nation News

Mmm.. Cuida de mi hasta en mis sueños? XD

Feeding baby brother in Mongolia as bird watches. Similar colors as well. i have a feeling the chicken may get more than baby brother cute photo of wonderful world

The Ovahimba Years - Les années Ovahimba / Rina Sherman Exhibition BnF

Rina Sherman's Keep the Dance Alive shows how dance and spirit possession is integrated into everyday life of the Ovahimba people of north-western Namibia and south-western Angola, Africa.

África y sus mujeres. por: Dario Romero

Carrying bananas to the market. When these green bananas ripen in a few days they will be yellow