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Rhoost Child Safety Devices: Child Proof Cabinet Locks - Corner Pads - Outlet Covers

The Grommet team discovers Rhoost stylish child safety devices including child proof cabinet locks, corner pads and outlet covers.

Daniel Sokolowski's Blog: How to child proof a fireplace

DIY - Do it yourself fireplace child guard Our wonderful month old Sofia has become a crawling race car with an untamed thirst for ex.

Child Proofing: Wiremold CordMate® II Cord Organizer (CMK50)

WIREMOLD CordMate II Cord Cover Kit: Designed for hiding several cords simultaneously; ideal for speaker cables, video cables and power cords;

10+ Tips for Foolproof Child-Proofing. Really good things to think about for making your home safe, and TONS of "bonus tips." Pin for reference!

child proofing tips. "Electrocution can kill a kid, right? So babyproof the hell out of your outlets. Toilet paper costs a couple bucks a roll and never killed anyone? Houseproof that kid.

Child proofing items

Protect your children two ways in the tub – water temperature and knocking into the faucet… The tub spout thermometer digitally displays water temperature with an easy to read col…

6 ways to child proof your home in style

6 Design Worthy Ways to Child Proof Your Home - The Interior Collective

Baby Proofing Products – Baby Safety Products -

Buy Safety Window Blind Cord Wind Ups from at Bed Bath & Beyond. Window blind cord wind ups keep dangling window blind cords out of your child's reach.

Child-proofing the stove

Prince Lionheart Stove Guard - Protect your child from scalds and burns! This adjustable stove guard puts a barrier between your ch

This child-proof outlet cover slides open for use, and automatically closes when you unplug!

KidCo Universal Outlet Cover - 3 - Pk - White Works on both Standard and Decorative style outlets. Automatically covers outlet when plug is removed. Prevents injury from inserting objects into outlet.