Instagram display  - it's just one picture. DIY instructions, print for only $6 @ Costco

Today we are talking about DIY Photo Display Wall Art Ideas as a means of exhibiting our past for everyone to see it.

picture through a window...

picture through a window. Love this idea of using an old window as a picture frame. Might be able to do this when we take the old windows out of the garage.


Wedding picture at the farm on a round bale. oh my sweet Jesus! I love this picture!

Father daughter photos! Omg I'm dying, how precious.

Aku liat ini malah terharu d,hahaha. {Daddy daughter Photo-shoot} I love this dad's creativity and the fact that his wife is in the military. Imagine being deployed and getting some of these pictures.

Engagement Pic

I haven't seen this done with a shadow. This is way more cute than the average "umbrella pic" cute engagement pic idea

Meet Maddie, she likes to stand on things…

Meet Maddie, she likes to stand on things… This will forever make me smile :)! I want this dog!

baby & guitar @Maegan Rothrock

Baby girl and her Dad's guitar! Go, Keri! Newborn photography such a great idea for when Casey and I have kids and use my guitar! love this

A3-library-22.jpg (250×250)

-Why goldens are the best!- When photographer was taking this photo, the golden decided she wanted to be included. Priceless, and so like a golden retriever!

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