Adrianna Milc

Adrianna Milc

Lubię oglądać filmy historyczne,animowane i komediowe oraz seriale paradokumentalne,obyczajowe i komediowe.Moim ulubionymi aktorami jest jako dziesiąty Doktor
Adrianna Milc
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Guys, I LOLed for real. This is one of fhe most disturbingly funny things ever hahaha

"What you will be, Melody Pond, is very, very brave."

Melody Pond - You will be very, very brave - Doctor Who - Amy.and that brave little girl grew up to be our amazing River Song

Awww Mickey - he really had a tough time of it until ... Spoilers!

Little River and Rory sleeping on Eleven's shoulder and adorable Rose and Jack and Donna and Martha and Amy and Clara and agh<< Awww! Poor Mickey the Idiot!

Matt and Jenna & the Turkey on set - 10th. September, 2013

Matt and Jenna & the Turkey on set - September, 2013