Building houses from scraps

Little Tiny House Quilt.Building houses from scraps, make one house a day for a year with whatever scraps are handy, and boom! It's done in a year.

Love the trees added to this house from scraps quilt.

Building houses from scraps: De foto's van afgelopen weken - Last week's…

Great American Village Wall Quilt - from Country Threads

Inspiration only--cannot find pattern anywhere--link is broken--Country Threads :: House Quilt Patterns :: Great American Village Wall Quilt Pattern

Cottons 'n Wool: Country Homecoming Block 6

Cottons 'n Wool: Country Homecoming Block 6 - Like the quilt display at the top of the stairs!


Building Block - Neighborhood Quilt, 42 x 50 in. pieced by Juanita Canfield - see Alicia's Attic - Big Block of Building Block Quilts by Sara Nephew

Village Quilt Done! – It's a T-Sweets day!

Village Quilt by Miss Rosie’s Quilt Co. - This Quilt is so bright and colorful!

America The Beautiful Quilt

"America the Beautiful" quilt from McCall's Quilting Magazine Pieced by Louise Hart Crenshaw, hand quilted by the Methodist Quilters, Colorado City Texas