Repurposed trampoline, OH WOW!!!!!!! Better than a hammock! ....ohmygawd

Yep, that's right! Amazing up-cycled trampoline DIY project for your backyard. I want this in my yard!(Diy Crafts For The Home)

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Garden fencing can serve multiple purposes, including keeping people and animals from traipsing over the gardening enthusiast's green thumb endeavors. Because of the importance of the fence, you need garden fencing ideas to protect your space.

Barrel fountain. Wondering if you could use your rain barrel with a fountain pump to have this ever-running...

Turn a wine barrel into an outdoor sink, or any other large barrel. Hose to sink or large water jug to sink, sink to barrel, barrel grey water to garden! Raise the barrel and add an outlet drain and small hose to drain grey water.

Watering Can Waterfall Fountain. Just need an outdoor pump, some tubing, and watering cans. this is the basic idea of filtering water through drums to save

Photo terrasse bois piscine - Côté Maison

Photo terrasse bois piscine