"Only when you live in Wisconsin. The mitten is MICHIGAN people.


Feral house in Detroit Does this mean that wild animals live this house? If so, I'm not really surprised from the way the house looks.

Vernor's Ginger Ale: Before the Civil War began, James Vernor, a Detroit pharmacist, concocted a drink made from19 different ingredients. For years, the only place one could buy Vernors was from the fountain in James Vernor's pharmacy at 233 Woodward Ave. in downtown Detroit. However, demand for the drink continued to grow and soda fountains throughout the city began to sell cold, carbonated Vernors.

Before the Civil War began, James Vernor, a Detroit pharmacist, . only Vernors can do the famous named "Boston Cooler" with a scoop of vanilla ice cream mixed in.

Detroit, Michigan.

Items similar to Detroit Tiger Stadium No. 39 - Argus 75 Fine Art Photographic Print on Etsy


Detroit Skyline

The biggest city I live closest to that holds plenty of memories: Detroit.

Detroit in a bottle

The black raspberry is pure heaven. My favorite Faygo flavor!

Detroit Detroit Detroit

Detroit is like rock and roll. It's like soul. Detroit is like the whole idea of cool. If you have to explain it to someone, they probably won't understand. Live it. That's when Detroit starts to move you.

Russian Style Mansion

abandoned-places Abandoned wooden houses, Russia Hidden deep within Russian forests, these beautiful wooden buildings have remained uninhabited for years.

Art Deco Lighthouse - Belle Isle, Detroit

Art Deco Lighthouse - Belle Isle, Detroit - Built in 1929 and designed by Albert Kahn. The marble-clad lighthouse is unique in that it is the only Art Deco style lighthouse in the nation.


“Keep Calm and Carry On”. Reimagined for Detroit by designer Sean Gray for Bureau of Urban Living.