This is from The Golden Girls - Season 7, Episode 2 - The Case of the Libertine Belle!  Love the Golden Girls!!!!

The 12 Sexiest Blanche Devereaux Quotes

Harkness i will forever be grateful for nights in front of the tv watching the golden girls :) not to mention the endless search for 'the perfect golden girl nightgown'

Charlie's Angels

the golden girls. This part was incredible lololol Not even if you were hanging upside down on a trapeze!

The Golden Girls: So he dumped you, huh?

The Golden Girls: Because if I have an opportunity to pin The Golden Girls, I'm going to take it.

Golden Girls ♥

{The Golden Girls} ~ Sophia - "Jean is a nice person. So, she happens to like girls instead of guys. Some people like cats instead of dogs. Frankly, I'd rather live with a Leslian than a cat. Unless the lesbian sheds. Then I don't know.

Golden Girls makes even the worst day better. I have a very unhealthy attachment to this show.

{The Golden Girls} ~ Blanche - "Rose, what was your first impression of me?" ~ Rose - "I thought you wore too much makeup and were a slut.