100 Days Shape Graph Freebie.  Students practice coloring, shape recognition, and graphing with this free 100th day of school activity.

This is a FREE graphing and shape recognition activity for the day of school. It's a wonderful activity for Kindergarten students. Children color the shapes, then they complete the graphing activity by counting the shapes in the 100 days picture.

I wish I had 100.... I would not want 100...

Idea for the day of school, 100 things I wish I had and 100 things I would not want. Searched day of school ideas

Aging App for 100th Day of school and then do a writing "If I were 100 years old..."

100th Day of School with Aging App and Shaving Cream Snowmen!

This award is given to the students on the 100th day of school

100th Day of School Award

A cool idea: Throughout the day I drew out a name and that student got to pick a balloon for us to pop. Inside each balloon was a different 100 activity for us to complete. Some examples of things we did are... 100 jumping jacks, draw 100 shapes, count by 2's to 100, do 100 sit-ups, touch our nose 100 times, clap our hands 100 times, blink our eyes 100 times, etc.

Hang balloons in the classroom with simple activities to celebrate the day. touch your toes 100 times.blink your eyes 100 times.do 100 jumping jacks.


100th Day of School

100 day activities

make a chain with 100 links. 100 days of school idea

Little Miss Kindergarten - Lessons from the Little Red Schoolhouse!: 100th Day Freebie and book picks!

Little Miss Kindergarten - Lessons from the Little Red Schoolhouse! snack printable & list of read alouds

Photo Booth Picture Frame next year

Use border trim and letters to make a cute photo frame for the day of school. Change it to Kindergarten!

SO DOING THIS FOR MORGAN THIS YEAR!  75 Clever Ideas for 100 days of School

Cool idea for preps! 100 days of school.tally mark t-shirt diy