Soccer ♡

neat idea for senior pic--- but with Track spikes instead of a soccer cleat and the other should be a basketball shoe!

Christie Rampone Soccer Quote Let's hear it for all the defenders out there!!!

USA women's soccer team is my inspiration! I'm so proud of all they've accomplished! This quote speaks to me!


Haha Alex, reminds me of us when we would push ppl down, then be like "what did…

Soccer Player Problems

Soccer player problems from soccer players for soccer players. Credibility: Soccer for eleven years And if you have a soccer player problem that you think is so damn funny and just HAVE to share it.


I posted this because i have played soccer since i was 5 until i tore my ACL in my senior year of high school. This event had a huge impact on my life because i was senior captain and didn't get a chance to play in the district final which my team won.

Omfg! So truee!! God those non soccer players

Hated playing soccer in elementary! really knew how to play right! I would just b like whatever my teams gonna lose whether I try or not.

Hope Solo..

20 Priceless Moments On The Road To Fitness:To be that person your coach warns you about.

Uswnt... So funny. How friends and I are after soccer

Me and 3 of my friends were screaming at our parents from the side line that we wanted pizza rolls! IT WORKED !