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These Exercises Will Help You Blast Belly Fat
Lose Belly Fat with Just Two Exercises | Men's Health
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2 Supersets for Six-Pack Abs - Muscle & Fitness
2 Supersets for Six-Pack Abs
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THE LEG EXERCISE THAT DESTROYS YOUR ABS! Have you ever tried GOBLET PAUSE SQUATS? It's basically a front squat with a dumbbell where you hold the bottom of an active squat position for a certain period of time. Another way to look at is a loaded squat plank. This exercise is money in the bank for many reasons. One, it builds the bottom of your squat like a champ and once you own the bottom, you own everything else in between. Two, being front-loaded provides a counter-balance that allows you ...
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The Lunge That Smokes Your Hips and Thighs
If you’re not already doing this lunge variation, you need to start today
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The One Exercise You Should Do Before Every Single Workout
It'll open up your hips, ankles, and upper back, and activate your core and glutes—all so you can perform your best