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Walking through ancient, aboriginal lands // 10 GREAT WALKS OF AUSTRALIA The Larapinta Trail, 223 km in length, is situated on the lands of Aranda people in the Northern Territory. Rich in significance, stories, culture and heritage, this walking trail is ever so special and offers exceptional bushwalking, cultural, and scenic experiences. A must for an avid hiker! Discover all 10 Great Walks of Australia: #ThisIsAdventure #MyGreatWalk #SeeAustralia #GreatWalksOfOZ

Sandboarding in Huacachina // PERU HIGHLIGHTS Not to be missed! Sandboarding, similar to snowboarding, takes place on dunes than the snow slopes and offers adrenaline rush at much the same par. Add to the mix: Huacachina, the picturesque oasis in Peruvian desert, and you've got yourself an adventure to remember. An absolute delight for all senses! Learn how you can get there + more on Peru: © Babak Fakhamzadeh (Flickr)

Cycle South America // IMPACTFUL ADVENTURES What if in 2017 you did something epic? The South American Epic is a journey by bike from the Caribbean coast of Colombia, to the southern tip of Patagonia. Fully supported cycling tour covering 8,500 miles in 5.5 months with a group of like-minded amateurs. Learn More:

A Walk in the Northern Territory // 10 GREAT WALKS OF AUSTRALIA 3. The Larapinta Trail Soak up the ethereal scenery of vast flood plains, razorback rocky outcrops and the glorious scale of this ancient land, walking the high ridgelines of the West MacDonnell Ranges. On this guided trek, you’ll enjoy comfortable facilities in splendid isolation, and experience true bushfood. The trail is guaranteed to delight the wilderness lover and challenge the seasoned hiker. More:

WATCH: A 500-km bike journey through Croatia, Montenegro, Albania and Macedonia: Enjoy! © ATTA/Rupert Shanks

Photo: Bay of Fires, Tasmania (Australia) Did you know that 45% of total terrestrial area in Tasmania is reserved area? No wonder this beautiful isolated state is home to 4 of the 10 Great Walks of Australia. The stunning coastline, the white-sand beaches, the breathtaking trails, and the unique flora and fauna.... Discover these jaw-dropping walks: #ThisIsAdventure #MyGreatWalk #SeeAustralia #GreatWalksOfOZ

The Baltic Sea Cycle Route // POLAND HIGHLIGHTS Meandering along the white-sand shores and seaside resorts of the Baltic sea, this beautiful cycle route cuts through 9 countries and stunning natural landscapes. The route starts at the Polish-German border, featuring a total of 8,000 kms of beauty, nature and culture to revel in along the coast! If you’re looking for a scenic bicycle getaway, this is it! More on Poland + a list of responsible tour operators to get you there:

Biking Europe // IMPACTFUL ADVENTURES " is an island of reasonable costs in a sea of big-time expense…and one of the most effective ways to experience the highlights of Europe's countryside and historic villages at a reasonable cost.” - Arthur Frommer, Frommer's Travel Guides Tours for all abilities. Guided and self-guided. One-week tours starting at less than $1,000. Find your dream tour: #ThisIsAdventure

#8: The Maria Island Walk // 10 GREAT WALKS OF AUSTRALIA Lying just a few kilometers off Tasmania’s east coast, the Maria Island National Park is plentiful in treasures. On the Maria Island Walk, you’ll explore a heritage listed convict settlement, walk empty white-sand beaches, view rare wildlife, and enjoy gourmet food, all in the confines of a national park. Learn how you can best get there + explore more walks:

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