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    Mo Moses
    Mo Moses
    Mo Moses

    Mo Moses

    I love volcanoes, belly dance, dresses and dreaming. Pleased to meet you!

    Charlottes+2nd+Birthday+at+Maryland+Ren+Faire+Opening+Day-24.jpg (1066×1600)

    I guess there might be somethings cuter than a baby in a Reverse bag, but I sure can't think of any!

    Tapeats Sandstone upthrown along the Butte fault, Grand Canyon

    I wanna apologize for posting all this Aidan Turner in advance...but I'm really not sorry.

    Sahara Dance Winter Caravan - December 2014

    Performing to "Something I Can Never Have" by NIN - (photo courtesy of Kathy Papienski)

    With my dance sister, Deb - Fangs vs. Claws

    Sahara Dance ATS® performance - Summer Carnival 2014 - (photo courtesy of Toscana Photography)