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#112 - #Design every day - Clement Goebels

Adrian is an Independent Graphic Designer from Bucharest. He posts things he likes and inspire him like Typography, Tattoos and Design. Also tidbits of his work and life.

4 of the nearly 100 million people under 30 years of age in search of a job. #benetton #adv #unemployee

United Colors of Benetton launches UNEMPLOYEE OF THE YEAR. A new global communication campaign to support non-employed youth. United Colors of Benetton,

#adv #car

The Print Ad titled Rhino was done for product: Mitsubishi Pajero (brand: Mitsubishi) in Brazil. It was released in the Mar Cars, SUV & Four Wheel Drive Advertising campaign: Horse, Rhino

How many #photos taken by americans

Photo trends - habits of consumers - WOW! (Interesting infographics from NatGeo & others on photo taking & storage)

25 #fonts

25 fun fonts for the self-proclaimed font snob - posted by celeste smith

Ready for #dinner? We're starving! #Sunday #Typography @csneal

“Unused lettering and illustration for food related editorial. Chris Silas Neal — Handwritten type has been one of the things I really liked to get into. Actually, type in general.

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