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Amanda Clark
Amanda Clark

Amanda Clark

A horse (or unicorn) cake without using a special cake mold or pan. Just two round cake pans. I can cute this up, easy.

Snowman Clothes Pin Primitive looking For attaching to a Gift or Decoration or Ornament via Etsy.

Adorable Olaf Sock Snowman Tutorial ~ Frozen fans are sure to love it!

Assertive phrases for kids to use when someone is being mean to them.

The perfect rice krispie treat recipe...super marshmallowy and gooey! Easy and turns out perfect every time!

50 things to do with kids before summer (1)

Saving Sam This is an activity for the first day or as an introduction to the scientific method. There are a few variations on the web of this activity.

first day activity

Get to know you game idea. When it is your turn reach into your bag of MMs. Answer the question corresponding to the color for everyone to hear. Eat your MM!

Each child gets one pipecleaner filled with beads of one color(to give to others) and one empty pipecleaner (to hold beads they collect for themselves).To get a bead they have to go to another child and say "Hi, my name is ____".Afterwards they can make their bracelets.

Mason Jar Lid Snowman! Would be so cute and easy to make!

Adorable Large Sand Dollar Snowman Face by AdorningDelights

Try this! Grab or collect as many shells as you can find later get a string but not too heavy and start to tie the string around the shells and sand dollars, attach to a peaceful and cute place and... Your done!

Holiday Sand Dollar Sign Ho Ho Ho by scotchbonnetboutique on Etsy, $30.00-cute. I could make this!

Make ornaments from shells gathered at the beach for a lovely memento. So fun! #modpodge #plaidcrafts

The Better Nester: Wall Hanging Stuffed Animal Storage Tutorial

Stuffed animal storage hammock idea for a baby, child's bedroom/play room. Easy to display and store without taking floor space.

Cheap and Easy DIY Toy Storage Idea for Girls by DIY Ready at