Apps for kids with Down syndrome.

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Special Words--Great app for children with Down Syndrome

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Ultimate Guide to Cutting Activities for Preschoolers and Kindergartners from Lalymom - Tips, Tricks, Projects and Must-Follow Pinterest Boards about Scissor Skills and Cutting Practice!

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6 Tips to Surviving Public Bathrooms with a Child with Sensory Issues

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Glowing Easter Egg and Water Bead Sensory Bin #easter

12 Easter Sensory Activities {Kids Co-Op} - The Jenny Evolution

Great idea for the magnetic wand and chips. I have never seen this before. Always love a new idea to for a popular therapy "tool"

Magnetic Discovery Bottles

Use a tissue box, a hole punch and a shoelace for a practical life skill practice and a fine motor activity in one! Like so many things (for both kids and adults) learning on a small scale can make it hard to see what's really going on. If you blow it up and break it down, everything gets a lot easier.

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use blocks and masking tape to makes shapes on the floor

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Finger dexterity is essential for many self care and handwriting skills.This finger exercise game works on finger isolation and separation of the two sides of the hand. This easy-to-make game is a great way to explore colors and get those fingers moving! A great "warm-up" exercise before handwriting or typing! By Sugar Aunts.

Sugar Aunts: Finger Dexterity Exercise Game for Fine Motor Skills

Toddler pom-pom push. Teaches patience and dexterity as they push the poms half way through so they stick, but not so far that they fall through.

Toddler pom-pom push

Pull a lightweight scarf out of a holey ball :) Great for pinching and strengthening as well as bilateral coordination, motor planning...tons of stuff!

Miss Awesomeness

preschool color worksheets | color page, education school coloring pages, color plate, coloring ...

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A fun & creative way to build SO many skills (balance, kinestethia, visual motor, self-regulation)...the list goes on!

101 suggesties met pittenzakjes » Juf Sanne

Over 200 sensory bins to try for tactile fun!

Over 200 Sensory Bins For Tactile Fun - Kids Activities Blog

Blow Q-tips through straws in this simple blow dart game.

Q-Tip Blow Dart Game

Dollar Aisle Sensory Play. Repinned by SOS Inc. Resources

Dollar Aisle Sensory Play - Pink Oatmeal

Strengthen little hands and arms by using a potato smasher! This is just 1 of the 25 occupational therapist-approved fine motor activities you can do with your child, using items from around your house!

25 Fine Motor Activities Using Household Items

Where's the dog - prepositions of place. Repinned by SOS Inc. Resources @sostherapy.

Where's the dog - prepositions of place

PBIS calming down idea--squishy marble maze. Gallon ziplock bag, duct tape, dish liquid, and a marble. Could always add glitter :o) Great directions and photos. I think this would also work as a class reward option (if I make enough). :o)

Squishy Marble Maze - Therapy Fun Zone

Awesome way to use a simple crazy straw and add fine motor skills! with

Fine Motor Skills with Crazy Straws

DIY salt tray with alphabet cards.

DIY Salt Tray and Alphabet Cards

Clever ABC game for kids! Make connect the dot sheets.

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Nice set up for a traveling therapists to use clothes pins for #finemotor and more

Nounous Taties et Cie - Le Blog: Les paires de chaussettes

Teaching Kids How to Use Scissors

Tips for Teaching Scissor Cutting Skills

indoor kids gym...such a good idea...

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