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ドラゴンクエストミュージアム 勇者たちがめぐる新たな冒険の旅 2016年7月24日-9月11日 - 渋谷ヒカリエ - 30周年特別企画

animal anniversary bangs barefoot black hair blurry borongo cape child depth of field dragon quest dragon quest v hero hug long hair lying male focus on bed on side out of frame pillow pov pov hands sash shade shiroton (kazamineko) sleeping slee

Just did a Riho post last week so there& very few new things but couldn& forget her b-day, only been posting about her for a year.

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喰らう吉岡里帆ちゃんがやはり可愛い( ;´Д`) #吉岡里帆 #rihoyoshioka #女優 #actress

喰らう吉岡里帆ちゃんがやはり可愛い( ;´Д`) #吉岡里帆 #rihoyoshioka #女優 #actress